T store product linkage Guide

    Linking to Your Products

    + Update : Feb/22/2013

    T store client provides several link formats below that let you bring users to your products in the way you want, from Android apps, web pages, ads, reviews, articles, social media posts, and more.

    The link formats let you:


    via native cording

    1. Link to a specific app's product details page
    2. Link to a specific app's  download, payment, gift pages
    3. Link to a search result of your choice
      1. T store Client v2.05 or later 

      via HTML  

      1. Redirect users to a specific app's product details page (only)
      2. Link to T store install pages if user doesn't have T store Client

      T store API: PRODUCT_VIEW

      Linking to a Product Details Page 

      Update : Feb/22/2013

      Use deep-link users directly to a specific app's product details page. At the product details page, users can see the app description, screenshots, description, reviews and more, and then install it : ) 

      To create the deep link, you need to know the T store 'product ID', which is declared in the application list page at T store developer center. ( ex: AID: OA00258540) 

      Please replace OA, a platform letter of Application ID, with “00”.    
      AID is OA00258540 

      PID is 0000258540

      The product ID is also visible in your product detail pages at T store web below.

      < image 01: Product ID >

      For example, T store product URL :

      http://www.tstore.co.kr/userpoc/game/viewProduct.omp?      t_top=DP000504&dpCatNo=DP04008&insDpCatNo=DP04008&insProdId=0000258540&prodGrdCd=PD004401

      highlighted (insProdId) is Product ID, 0000258540 of T store.

       1. Linking users via HTTP

      There are two general formats for links that are accessible to T store users on Android, The two formats trigger slightly different behaviors on the device:

      http://    Lets the user launch their browser to handle the request. 

      If the browser handles the request, it choose whether to launch T store Client or loads the target page on T store web site when the user don't install T store Client.

      as shown in the example below.


      Here's an example: http://tsto.re/0000313304 (Evernote)

      < image 02: Examples >

      2. Linking users via Android (Native)

      If you want to link to your T store products from an Android app, create an Intent that opens an T store deep-link URL. 

      A. Check installation of T store client

      the sample code below is verify installation of store Client.

      You can verify installation of T store Client by PKG name (com.skt.skaf.A000Z00040

      PackageManager pm = getPackageManager();

      List< ApplicationInfo > appList = pm.getInstalledApplications( 0 );

      ApplicationInfo app = null;

      int nSize = appList.size();

      for( int i = 0; i < nSize; i++ ) {

      app = appList.get( i );

      if(app.packageName.indexOf( “com.skt.skaf.A000Z00040” ) != -1) {

      return true;



      return false;

      B. Summary of URL formats

      The table below provides a summary of the URLs currently supported by the T store Client in an Android application.

      PRODUCT_VIEW/(PID)/(Contents Rating)
      PRODUCT_VIEW/(PID)/(Contents Rating)/[REVIEW | GIFT?PID= | PAYMENT 

      PRODUCT_VIEW – prefix
      / - separator

       PID - 10 character string
      Contents Rating - 1 character string

      0 : rating for all
      1 : 12+
      2 : 15+
      4 : 19+
      (3 is not exist)

      REVIEW – Link to review page
      GIFT – Link to gift page

      PAYMENT – Link to payment page ( Already purchased, free download )




      T store Client v2.00.00 or later
      ( android:versionName="2.34" android:versionCode="3" )

      REVIEW/GIFT : T store Client v2.70.01 or over
      ( android:versionName="2.90" android:versionCode="60" )

      PAYMENT: T store Client v2.72.00 or over
      ( android:versionName="2.92" android:versionCode="62" )

      Table 01: T store deep-link API

      3. Sample Code

      If you want to use it from your Android app, create an Intent that opens an T store URL, as shown in the example below. (just replace sample PID with yours)    
      - PACKAGE NAME:    com.skt.skaf.A000Z00040
      - CLASS NAME:         com.skt.skaf.A000Z00040.A000Z00040

      Intent intent = new Intent();
      intent.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP); //mandatory flag
      intent.setAction("COLLAB_ACTION"); //action
      intent.putExtra("com.skt.skaf.COL.URI","PRODUCT_VIEW/00000123456/0".getBytes()); //user data
      intent.putExtra("com.skt.skaf.COL.REQUESTER","A000Z00040"); //my App ID

      1. This API is not available for VOD, eBook contents (Music contents are available) 
      2. If T store Client version is too law to support latest API, T store Client will update automatically. 
      3. In general, we recommend to use http:// redirection format on web and Apps. native code dosen't work without installation of T store Client. 

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