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    T store support plan for Android game developers

    + update : 2013-06-25

    Dear T store developers 

    As you may already know, Korea is one of the best mobile game marketplaces in the planet. Especially last year, the international market share of the Korean market has rapidly grown to 3rd place thanks to the 'KAKAO EFFECT'.

    T store has been doing business in the Android App marketplace since 2009. In addition, T store has been playing a leading role for many years now in the Android ecosystem by focusing on mobile games in Korea. For our ecosystem, we provide "Support plans" for developers and closely work with leading mobile game companies to provide users with world-class game products and customer services.

    And now, 

    We’re happy to publically announce our "T store dev support plan"

    We would like to discuss a full-scale business tie-up with developers who want to get a chance to boost their game development efforts toward the Korean market.

    Please feel free to download the sample document below and submit your proposal to T store

    Here are some details  

    Who’s eligible? 
    1. Anyone!  Whether you are in charge of game development or publishing, just give it a try  
    and get a chance !  
    2. We can help, the developers or publishers
    who wish to 
    localize their games for the Korean market.
    We provide developers,
    1.  Investment funding [각주:1]
    2.  Promotion supports on T store
    3.  Collaboration in off-line  game conferences
    Frequently Asked Question!
    1. How much does T store invest? What’s the process for receiving investment funding?

    • Our review process is really simple. 
      1) Receive proposal >
      2) Game expert review sessions >
      3) Rate and provide feedback with our proposal for investment
    • There are neither predetermined guidelines nor genre limits. We simply review and rate the game itself.
    2. Can I submit my game without APKs or any kind of Android development projects ?

    • Yes, we are open to proposals even without APKs prepared. 
    • However, since reviewing and rating just through documents usually don’t sufficiently portray the full experience of your ideas, we recommend that you submit your proposal with accompanying APKs or prototypes

    3. I have many games in the same category. Can I submit them all at once? Are there any limits to your fund budget?

    • Yes you may. We don't set category limits because we want to seek and support the best games regardless of category portfolio .
    • The only guideline we follow is the T store review guideline. It's a mandatory guideline not just only for the games but also for all products on T store. 

    T store developer relations team. 

    1. We'll look over the documents and applications and email you with our investment of your game. [본문으로]
    Posted by ShellingFord

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